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Solar energy with energy storage for a safer and more environmentally friendly future

Transform your property into a safer, greener and self-sufficient environment with Ixuus Energy Hub. Experience complete energy independence with our solar panels and energy storage system, which ensures you never have to rely on electricity companies again. With Ixuus, you can harness the power of the sun and enjoy clean, renewable energy 24/7, 365 days a year. Our innovative solution delivers a Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) of approximately 0.07€/kWh, providing you with significant savings over the course of 25 years. Embrace a sustainable future with Ixuus Energy Hub - the ultimate solution for your energy needs.
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Sky Sun House How it works The sun is powering the house and charges the batteries
inside IXUUS Energy Hub during the daytime
During evenings and nights
IXUUS Energy Hub is powering the house
With IXUUS Energy Hub you´re moving your solar energy to later on when you really use it -during the evenings and nights.

The Battery

IXUUS use the most advanced and latest lithium batteries with  LiFePo cells. The cells have a very long lifetime and the most advanced supervisor and control technical circuits for the best and most safest function of the battery.

It`s probably the most safest battery on the market.

The Smart Hub

IXUUS is a Smart Energy Hub with a lot of extra smart functions.  It can control your central heating, air conditioner, warm water heater, pool heater, jacuzzi and also your EV-car etc.  It can also charge your batteries from the grid when the price are extremely low (future upgrade feature).

The Environmental

IXUUS is environmental friendly. You`ll produce your own energy and are independent of utility sources. Your solar panels produce renewable energy and you`ll store all the energy in the eco batteries with no cobalt and no nickel.

The Independent

IXUUS will give you independent from your utility and you can sleep through the night without worrying over your electricity bills. Ixuus will also give you an UPS (uninterruptible power supply), you`ll have energy even if it´s a power outage. Ixuus is the  freedom to be independent.

The Money

IXUUS will save you money. The investment has a payback time of app. 4-7 years, and the design lifetime of the system is +20 years. Regarding to zillow.com the value of your property increase of 2-4% when you`re installing solar and battery system. 

The Power

IXUUS is scalable for your demands. It´ll power supply your house from 5kW to 30 kW and with energy storage up to 80 kWh. Of course you can add more power modules and more battery modules afterwards if your demand increase later on.

Ixuus will suit all your needs.

Disclaimer, above figures is only for indication and every single household is need for individual proposal and may differ from above.

One unit can power 6 – 12 kW continuous and +200% peak.

Up to 8 units can work in parallel for power of 70kW.

Choose between 10 kWh – 80 kWh in each units.

Flexible battery power, easy add on if more energy needed.

Total backup energy of 80 kWh is possible.

Self Usage
Own Power 85%

Complete solutions

Easy for all to use


Only one complete unit instead of several boxes and cables.

One system instead of several different systems that is not working together. IXUUS will give you one reliably system.

Future proof with easy add on of more power and more storage capacity.

The safest battery on the market with lithium iron phosphate.

10 years warranty on the batteries.

Made in EU.



How many solar panels do I need?

It depends of the space of your roof and your normal usage but average is about 8-14 kWh (15-25 panels).

Why shall I choose batteries?

With batteries you´re moving your solar energy to later on when you really use it – during evenings and nights.

You`re saving ALL the solar energy instead of getting rid of it and you can use it when you really need it.

If you don´t have batteries you have to sell the surplus to the utility and they´ll pay you only 20% of the cost. You`ll sell your energy cheap and you have to buy it back a couple of hours later much more expensive -Not so economic!

How many years is the pay-off time?

 Your IXUUS System is normally paid off within 4-7 years. And it has a design lifetime of +25 years!

Is IXUUS System easy to install?

IXUUS System is probably the easiest unit in the market to install. Everything is already connected inside the unit and thats why Ixuus takes a very short time to install. Plug & Play!

Does IXUUS increase the value of my property?

According to recent figures, on average solar panels with IXUUS Energy Hub will increase the value of a normal house by about as much as they cost to install.

Are batteries expensive?

No, the price of lithium battery has decrease with more than 90% the last 10 years. Right now it is very profitable to install batteries. With the Green Technology deduction from the Tax Authorities in Sweden, you can also get a 50% discount.

IXUUS - system and batteries in one for the energy needs of the future

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Different solutions for different needs

Disclaimer, above figures is only for indication and every single household is need for individual proposal and may differ from above.